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Scott McMillen is a country music singer/songwriter who splits his time between the Washington DC area and Nashville, TN.  Scott performs acoustic shows and with his backup band, The Chase.  Scott's shows feature both crowd-favorite, high-energy covers and his original songs.  Scott performs songs by today's popular country artists as well as country music's all-time greats.

Scott, a native of West Virginia, first got an appreciation for country music at an early age when his family moved to Nashville, TN, for his father to pursue his own music career.  Before his family ultimately moved back to West Virginia, Scott learned by example, watching his dad write songs and earn a living as Grand Ole Opry member Johnny Russel’s band leader, bass player, and tour manager.


Scott credits his dad for teaching him how to sing, play guitar, and entertain a crowd.  In fact, Scott has memories of his dad pulling him up on stage to sing when Scott was as young as four years old.  With his dad as an early influencer, it’s no surprise Scott grew up on classic country music by artists like Merle Haggard and Keith Whitley.  Scott was later heavily influenced by The Eagles, Alabama, Garth Brooks, and Brooks and Dunn, and that country rock sound comes through in Scott’s live shows.

After high school, Scott enlisted in the Army and started a family.  Although music took a backseat to his new life, he instilled a love of music in his daughters by playing and singing with them as often as possible.  

Scott rediscovered his passion for singing and songwriting in 2012 while on deployment to Afghanistan, where he often played for his buddies around the campfire at night.  Since returning home, Scott has been performing for wider audiences in both Nashville and the DMV.  Although he’s left the Afghanistan campfire behind, Scott still has a way of making his audiences feel like they are guests at his home, listening to him play around his own backyard fire pit.

In 2017, Scott began writing songs with the Nashville-based Wimberley publishing company.  More recently, Scott started performing with his backup band, The Chase, bringing an even higher level of energy to his live shows.

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In Scott's Words...

About the time I started putting together a back up band, I had just written "Storm Chaser" with friends of mine, Kelly and Troy of Carvin Walls.  The song reminded me that each one of us is chasing something in our lives, whether it's love, success, dreams, whatever it might be, we're no different.  And so, "The Chase" seemed like the right name for a group of guys out here with me chasing a dream.

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